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                Jiangsu Hongyun Xiang Rubber Machinery Co., located in the Yangtze River Delta's most dynamic cities - Kunshan. Kunshan, near Shanghai, Suzhou, Zhejiang, convenient transportation, economic development, high-tech industry is concentrated areas. 

                     Jiangsu Hongyun Xiang Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. is a set of design and development, manufacturing, sales and service of high-tech enterprises; the company produces plastic recycling granulator machine, recycling granulator machine ... [Details]

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                Celebrate Jiang Su Hongyun ..

                  Rubber & Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangsu Hong Yunxiang most dynamic Yangtze River Delta

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                General manager: Li Chunlin

                Cell phone: 13862666558

                Sales Manager: Angela Huang

                Cell phone: 13405122113

                Telephone: 0512-57807666

                Fax: 0512-57807288

                Mailbox: Angela@hyxxs.cn

                Address: No. 145, Pearl Road, Kunshan City, Pakistan

                URL: www.siemenswxd.com

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